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Victor’s Senior year Capstone at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. RISE is a new show that he created. It heavily focuses on stage combat and stunt work in order to tell a story in a new fantasy realm. A fictional nation is on the brink of collapse now that the king has died. The king's two children Rias and Ddraig, along with their teams now battle in a best out of 5 tournament to see who will be crown king. RISE has 3 endings and ran for 3 nights.  The show consisted of 5 fights of a variety of styles including: boxing, MMA, broadsword, knives, and single handed sword combat combined with hand-to-hand. The story of the piece was conveyed through The Master of Ceremonies, who used rap to explain the story to the audience and interact with them. The audience is encouraged to cheer, heckle and get involved as much as they wished, like a sporting event. Victor wrote, directed, designed, choreographed, and played the role of Ddraig. This piece was a passion project that ended up being an overwhelming success.





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